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Podcast Summary

Want to know why Switzerland is home to the so-called “Crypto Valley” in a way that you will understand – free from all that Web3 jargon? This one's for you!

Show Notes

What you’ll hear in this episode: 1:16 Why did Spark + Mint create a podcast, why is Design Lead Teija Bean on it and what you can expect from episodes to come.

4:35 Jason and Teija discuss this month in Web3, including a conversation about the current crypto bear market, why Jason thinks it’s time to invest in new projects and why Teija thinks community in Web3 offers more autonomy to consumers.

17:19 Our producer Avery gives us some background on Switzerland and why it’s home to “Crypto Valley”.

19:40 Jason and Teija dive into our DDT Report on Switzerland to loop you in on Web3 companies based in Switzerland like the Web3 Foundation, Sygnum Bank, Solana, NEAR, Bitcoin Suisse, ALIENWORLDS and 4ARTechnology.

25:33 Our attempt at an “off the cuff” ad for our development partner Weavik.

26:02 Jason and Teija “jam” on the findings of our report on Web3 in Switzlerand, including why Switzerland is ahead of the game, whether crypto banking will fix a broken traditional banking system and review the numbers on just how many Web3 companies call Switzerland home (and why).

43:48 All that fun closing information, including the following call to action:

“Spark + Mint is a creative capital, research, design & marketing agency that partners with bold Web3 ventures and brands. To stay up-to-date with all our releases, research reports and more – check our our website at sparkandmint.com or subscribe to our newsletter.”

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