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Podcast Summary

Hosts Jason Goodman and Teija Bean chat about what’s happening in Web3 and crypto right now, why Nigerians are known as the most “crypto curious” and what we learned from making friends with some amazing Web3 designers and entrepreneurs in Nigeria.

Show Notes

1:48 Find out where our listeners from Episode On (on Switzerland) are located around the world. Thanks for listening, friends!

3:14 Jason and Teija discuss this month in Web3, including the “golf clap” response the community had towards the widely-anticipated Ethereum Merge and how Starbucks is using Web3 to take you on an “Odyssey” to immersive coffee experiences (what does that mean??).

More info:

“Introducing the Ethereum Merge”: https://www.sparkandmint.com/post/introducing-the-ethereum-merge

“Starbucks Goes Crypto?”: https://www.sparkandmint.com/post/starbucks-web3

11:35 Remember the http://bearista.org/ (Starbucks Bears)?

15:28 Our producer Avery gives us some background on Nigeria and why it’s considered one of the top emerging markets for Web3 and crypto adoption.

17:50 Jason and Teija “jam” on Web3 in Nigeria, including our calls with someone really cool Nigerian designers and business owners, the emergence of Virtual Free Zones with entities like Binance and what we heard from our colleagues in Nigeria about how they are seeing Web3 grow in the tech industry in Nigeria.

39:20 A look ahead to the location for our next podcast. A hint: there’s lots of bread and it’s “enemy territory” for Jason.

42:30 Jason falls apart.

44:12 All that fun closing information, including the following call to action:

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Thanks to Cecilia Hubinette and Rahul Dahiya for their help with this episode. Avery Moore Kloss from http://folktalestudio.ca (Folktale Studio) is our podcast producer. A big thank you to Claire Igwe from HouseAfrica, Samuel Mecha from Xend Finance, Chukwuka Ezeoke from Untitled Designer and Clement Hugbo from Blockassets for their help and perspectives on Web3 in Nigeria.

This episode was recorded at Get a Grip Studios in Toronto. Thank you to Scott for all his help in recording this episode.

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