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Switzerland is a country known for its chocolate, cheese, yodeling, alphorns, and maybe most importantly, the alps. You know those big snow-covered mountains we’ve all dreamt of skiing down? Yet Switzerland isn’t only known for its vast and beautiful nature - it’s also said to be one of the most expensive places in the world.

Home to half of the world’s luxury watches, some of the biggest banks worldwide, and our favorite chocolate brands. The shape behind the Toblerone chocolate was even modeled after one of Switzerland’s most famous mountains, ‘The Matterhorn.’

The town of Geneva holds the second largest UN office in the world, as well as the Cern Super Collider. It’s been deemed one of the most livable cities along with Zurich. While Switzerland seems always to be somewhat forgotten, and often confused for Sweden, hopefully, this cleared things up a little bit. Let’s take a look at what makes it such a key player in the Web3 world.


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A Hub for Crypto Innovation

We’ve discussed who Switzerland is in a traditional sense, but what about from a more technical stance? Switzerland takes on a lesser-known, more industrial association as Crypto Valley. How this came to be has a lot to do with the tiny town of Zug - situated south of Zurich.

Crypto Valley is now a globally recognized blockchain hub, with the valuation of its top 50 companies reaching over half a trillion USD ($611.8bn), fueled by no less than 14 blockchain Unicorns. With over 1000 crypto-based companies Switzerland has made a home for, the small town of Zug hosts over 600 of these companies. It’s an operational base for Blockchain Goliaths like Ethereum and many others such as Near, Metaco, and Curve.

“This bold decision brought light to the city of Zug and paved a path for it to take its first steps toward becoming a prime global hub for crypto ecosystem development.”

In 2016, Zug became the first places in the world to announce it would be accepting bitcoin as a form of payment. This bold decision brought light to the town of Zug and paved a path for it to take its first steps toward becoming a prime global hub for crypto ecosystem development.

The nature of Switzerland’s regulatory framework favors the expansion of crypto and blockchain experts, service providers, and academic institutions, while inviting them to drive flourishing activities within the region.

It’s clear that Switzerland is part of this new decentralized heartbeat, so it’s an excellent place for our DDT (Decentralized Design Thinking) Report to start. With that said - let’s dive into some of the key ventures & players who have helped Zug live up to its Crypto Valley nickname and put Switzerland in such a central place on the Crypto Map.

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Key Innovators In Web3

The web3 world is expanding more and more as we speak, and many key players are involved in setting fire to the market. Switzerland, or “Crypto Valley,” has 14 unicorns - as we call them - and houses many other top companies like Metaco, Solana Dfinity, Tezos, Curve, Ethereum, Seba bank, Cardano, and endless others. We know so many incredible companies have planted their roots in Crypto valley, but unfortunately, we can’t explore them all. In this report, we have chosen a select few that fall within the categories of Blockchain, DeFi, and NFTs.


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There are endless amounts of blockchain-focused companies that have made a home on Swiss soil. We have chosen to look into Solana and Near’s strides in the blockchain world.

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Defi, the introduction to the new form of banking where we no longer need that middle man and the stress of dealing with a bank and finance. We have chosen to look at three different innovative companies that have jumped head first into the world of DeFi.

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Nfts & Art

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Digital art and NFTs have taken over the world, with many people have started to incorporate NFTs into their businesses, games, or even creating companies based on these digital assets. We have chosen to focus on two revolutionary companies, Alienworlds, and 4ARTechnologies.

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It’s clear a lot of the projects analyzed today are leading in their field by implementing more impressive features, putting in the work to continue to rise in the ranks in the world of web3, and help create a more decentralized internet. Examples of this are shown with Bitcoin Suisse and the implementation of Bitcoin Lightning, or NEAR’s use of Guilds to help create a decentralized, safe and innovative space.


Technical Jargon

The underlying barrier between the web3 world and design, seems to be the technical jargon dominating the space. Is there a way to accommodate both the tech experts and those a little newer to the language of web3? Can’t say we may not be guilty of it ourselves. After all, we all want the same thing. A fairer, more secure internet.


Ddt score

We have taken the time to evaluate these different companies where we think they are in design and web3. We’ve come across such a range of fascinating and innovative companies, all offering an exciting range of opportunities. They have so much potential and outstanding elements, some of which could easily be boosted with design help!



Technical Jargon

Why These Reports?

Web3 is a complicated and confusing topic. It's even more difficult when you don't really understand what may be happening with it or how all these different companies work together in this new world of ours, but we're here to help!

These reports are designed to give you a snapshot of the current state and growth in Web3 across countries. The hope is that these insights will help inspire any involved with reading them on how they can improve their decentralized design thinking for future projects, initiatives, or business models as well!

Web 3.0 is coming, and it's time to get excited! The new world of web development has arrived - one where designers can create interfaces for blockchain companies without writing any code at all. These reports will take you through the changing landscape so that no matter what your level in this exciting industry might be there’s something here waiting just for YOU.





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One every month in fact. Do you want a sneak peek of who’s next?

Well here are a few facts to help you guess who we will be focusing on next. We have already explored Switzerland. An obvious but important choice. Now let’s go on a journey elsewhere. To a place with over 500 indigenous languages spoken in the country and more than 250 different ethnic groups.

Let’s keep narrowing it down. It’s the most populous country in Africa and home to Africa’s richest man Aliko Dangote. Has Africa’s first Nobel Laureate and the largest diversity of butterflies.

Can you guess where it is?

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