Our Approach optimizes for Immediate Impact and Culture Fit.

We take the time to understand the OKR's at play for the Ventures we work with and ensure that the Talent we connect you with is the best fit to help you succeed.

Talent Network

Product Designers

UX Researcher

Growth Marketer

Content Manager

Frontend Dev.

Community Manager

Graphic Designer

Product Manager

Web Developer

Once matched with a member from our Talent Network, we ensure that the relationship advances in a way that works optimally for both sides. Flexibility is key and hiring scenarios are celebrated - not fined.

Fractional Leaders

CXO (Experience)

CMO (Marketing)

CDO (Design)

CPO (Product)

COO (Operations)

CTO (Technology)

For ongoing, strategic leadership support, our Fractional C-Suite offering is an excellent choice. This option provides you with seasoned leadership to steer your company towards growth and success.