Our chops

Our team is made up of passionate & creative entrepreneurs who are all-in on the principles and promise that Web3 holds.

We believe that the Web can now be a more interconnected, inclusive and open arena to exchange ideas & value more freely and equitably.

Decentralized Design Thinking

We help to imagine, design and market new Web3 brands, products and projects. Once launched - we support community growth & engagement because Web3 is all about embracing new forms of techno-social relationships.

Web3 makers

Everyone on our team is united in their conviction to be an active participant in the new realities we’re creating for humanity through the advancements we’ve made in technology and not to simply be a consumer or observer of the revolution that’s unfolding before our eyes.

Our Principles


To design a better future together


For people & their possessions


To innovate with social purpose


For value that’s created & Shared

Our Team

Meet the Team

Is a founding partner of

CEO, Strategy Lead
Jason Goodman
Toronto, Ontario
COO, Tech Lead
Brian Haacke
Waterloo, Ontario
Marketing Director
Alex Kowalczyk
Toronto, Ontario
Product Designer
Emma Caswell
Toronto, Ontario
Web Developer
Bhoomi Gohil
Waterloo, Ontario