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Disney Launches Web3 Accelerator: But what does that mean for you?

Web3 is taking over, and that also brings big news for everything Polygon, Red6, Inworld, Flickplay, Lockerverse, & Obsess...

If you work online, you should care about the Metaverse. Here’s why.

What is the metaverse, why you should care, and how you can invest and take advantage of this new universe brewing...

Is .eth becoming the new .com? Here’s all you need to know.

Web3 is taking over the internet. Should your brand go for a .eth domain instead of a .com domain?

Crypto Winter is here. But, what does that mean for YOU?

Crypto Winter is a reality, and as soon as you understand what it is, you'll also know why you shouldn't panic. Most importantly, you'll discover this is a great opportunity....

Web3 Marketing vs. Web2: What changed?

Web3 is shaking things up, and that includes changing the way we market products to consumers. Find out exactly how this will change Web2 forever in today's blog post!

The State of Web3 Worldwide, Your In Depth Look At Crypto Valley, Switzerland

Exclusive insights and expert analysis into some of the world's leading Crypto projects, all in one spot.

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Redefining Web3 Partnerships around the world.

co-define your roadmap

We help you envision the future. We've built businesses from the ground up and focus on a high-impact approach to phase development

Build your dream web3 solution

Leverage the human centered approach of traditional design thinking to bring your project to life. We bring the tried and true methods of Web2 into Web3.

Gain a true design partner

A new model for venture investment and value creation. We bill services in exchange for crypto assets like tokens, coins, and NFT's.

Looking for a Creative Partnership?

SPARK + MINT Will invest in your project...

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Driving conversations around the way that Web3 ventures & technology can help further social, cultural, economical and political change for the better.

Growth and activity through the lens of design in different regions of the world.

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