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We're building a global team of freelance product, design & marketing stars working in Web3 & AI.

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Just define your need and budget and we'll take care of the rest. We understand that you're not just looking for talent – you're looking to succeed quickly. There's no time to waste scouting. We’ll draft the talent you need, put a game-plan in place, then track and support until we cross the finish line together.  

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Example Roster
Product Design Lead
Cross-Chain Solutions
Growth Hacker
Asset Tokenization
Smart Contract Developer
Blockchain Gaming
Marketing Director
Tokenomics Specialist
Zero-Knowledge Proofs
+ more
Example Roster
Product Strategy
Data Scientist
AI Optimization
Prompt Engineer
Predictive AI
Marketing Strategy
Multi-Modal Models
AI Research Scientist
AI Quality Assurance
+ more
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Freedom Has A Team

We’re creating a new experience for Freelancer's like yourself who need support to optimize your opportunity and growth.

It’s hard to find opportunities with fast moving, innovative companies. We bring the opportunities to you and help you manage the ops and admin side of the game – opening up more time for you to up-skill, execute the best work of your career and yes: have more time to cook better meals.